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Magnus Carlsen IQ score is 190. Meet the reigning World Chess Champion, Carlsen, who's the youngest player to ever be ranked number one. He was personally coached by chess icon Garry Kasparov until 2010.

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What is Magnus Carlsen's IQ? Judit Polgar has a reported IQ of 170, Kasparov of 185. What about Magnus Carlsen?

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Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen (tiếng tiếng Na Uy:  [svɛn ˈmɑ̀ŋnʉs øːn ˈkɑːɭsn̩] ; sinh ngày 30 tháng 11 năm 1990 [1] [2] ) là một đại ...

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Magnus Carlsen IQ is one of the greatest chess champions of all time. Find out more about his age, place of birth, girlfriend, games with Anand & Kasparov.

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Watch all about "Magnus Carlsen" Lifestyle, Family , Hobbies, Net Worth, IQ, Career, Biography video.The House in the thumbnail is from the website : https:

Magnus Carlsen IQ | Age | Rating | Ranking | Aug 2021

No one has the exact information about Magnus Carlsen IQ. He has never done an IQ test. All sources give IQ as 190, which is a hypothetical score.

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These High IQ geniuses added essence to their work with their smartness to make the world a better place.

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Magnus Carlsen. “Without the element of enjoyment, it is not worth trying to excel at anything.